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About KidsClinic@Bishan

Conveniently located in Bishan, KidsClinic@Bishan is headed by Paediatrician Dr Oh Meng Choo.

Dr Oh has many years of experience and provides accurate diagnosis and accompanying medication for effective treatment for your precious ones.

This baby clinic is popular with both first-time parents and experienced parents, mainly because of the good reviews and referrals to Dr Oh.

Dr Oh and is well-known to be good with babies and kids, calming their fears of seeing a doctor while they undergo examination & treatment.

She is also well-liked by parents as she takes the time & effort to explain her diagnosis & prognosis.

Importantly too, Dr Oh is mindful of punctuality and makes a conscious effort in keeping to appointment times. This is much appreciated by parents.

If you need advice or treatment for your child, call 63568909 for an appointment!

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