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Fever is a symptom, not a disease. Like all symptoms, fever may be due to illnesses that are minor or serious. Fortunately, most fevers in children are due to infections that are minor or self limiting.

So when is fever considered mild or serious? How should fever medication be served? Under what conditions should the child be brought to the emergency department? more.

child fever


When our toddlers start walking, exploring their environment, interacting with other children, this is when the risk of falling sick is high. A major concern among parents is the Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD).


HFMD is caused by a virus. It is important to be able to identify the symptoms, the treatment and management of it, and to prevent the spread of the virus through simple control measures. more




Infants and toddlers are susceptible to a host of viruses due to their low immunity. Some of these viruses can be mild, while others can be quite severe. Thankfully, there are vaccines available to prevent these viruses from wreaking havoc. So what to give and when to give? more.



Are our kids getting enough nutrition from their dietary intake? Parents normally wish for their child to try a wide variety of food with the hope that they will not grow up as fussy eaters. But unknown to some parents (grandparents too), some food are best avoided in the formative years. Should we supplement our children's diet? If yes, when and with what? more

baby diet


We are concerned with the development of our children. Are they developing normally or are they late bloomers? Is there a cause for concern? What is the normal standard to base their development on? Some basic guidelines would help allay your fears or seek professional advice. more

child development

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Dr Oh & her assistants showed great care and concern for my baby during our visits there, especially when my child had block nose and they had to suck it out. Their gentleness and concern for my SJ was evident in the way they handled her. Thank you so much Kids Clinic @ Bishan

-- Fiona, Toa Payoh more